30 August 2011

The French Paradox, Part I

30 August 2011,

Despite insisting on engaging in daily hedonism, the latest diet craze from France is anything but pleasant. Miraculously, the ultra low carbohydrate, relatively low Read More

24 August 2011

Overeating and the See Food Diet

24 August 2011,

Why do people overeat? Understanding the causes may help to stop overeating – so here are some aspects of this behaviour explained – why do Read More

22 August 2011

Stress and Food

22 August 2011,

Why is it that certain kinds of stress elicit overeating, and others diminish any kind of appetite at all? I try to answer those Read More

16 August 2011

Men and Women Eat for Different Reasons

16 August 2011,

Men and Women Eat for Different Reasons – Addiction to Food I recently began chatting with a colleague’s’ son about why I became interested Read More

14 August 2011

The Ten Year Diet

14 August 2011,

The debate as to whether dieting ˊactually worksˊ has been going on for about forty years. Ironically, around the time our access to massively Read More