16 August 2011

Men and Women Eat for Different Reasons

16 August 2011,

Men and Women Eat for Different Reasons – Addiction to Food I recently began chatting with a colleague’s’ son about why I became interested Read More

14 August 2011

The Ten Year Diet

14 August 2011,

The debate as to whether dieting ˊactually worksˊ has been going on for about forty years. Ironically, around the time our access to massively Read More

10 August 2011

Sleep More Eat Less – The Link Between Weight Loss and Sleep

10 August 2011,

ˊ¿ Te levantarás a que hora ?!ˊ And so began the wrangling from my best friends when I left a dinner party in order to Read More

7 August 2011

Snake Oil Sales, or Something More Serious?

7 August 2011,

… Why don’t we extend ‘Substance Abuse’ to include Commercial Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss? I was at the drugstore a few weeks ago, Read More

13 June 2011

Why Hunger Makes You Eat Crap

13 June 2011,

I have stolen this title from Dr. Arya Sharma, who has put together an informative and engaging video explaining why being too hungry can Read More