28 March 2011

Movie Monday

28 March 2011,

Hola a todos!! A lot of time has passed, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share two interesting videos with Read More

8 March 2011

The Cacophony of the Commercial Diet Industry… Whoˊs to Blame Now?

8 March 2011,

I was reading about the ‘overwhelming cacophony’ of the commercial weight loss business on Dr. Arya Sharma’’s site. About $45 billion dollars were spent Read More

1 March 2011

Nature and Nurture Debate

1 March 2011,

The problem with infusing a touch of the good ol’’ Nature and Nurture debate in an issue like obesity, diabetes (Type 2), or even Read More

11 February 2011

Impulsive and/or Emotional Eating

11 February 2011,

A topic that seems to come up frequently is the idea of Emotional Eating. What is ˊEmotional Eatingˊ, besides a cover all term for Read More

8 February 2011

How Much Should I Eat?

8 February 2011,

I am starting to feel like the whole wide world has simplified obesity into a case of Pavlovian conditioning, whereby we simply engage in Read More