2 February 2011

Three-Year-Olds Like Birthday Cake

2 February 2011,

I often get people telling me that my research interest (or, when I was researching) was awash, since obesity was ˊsimplyˊ an issue related Read More

31 January 2011

Last Week of The Resolutions – A Diet High in Protein Foods

31 January 2011,

In the last few entries, I have been bordering dangerously close to offering dietary advice. In my previous posts, I was trying to give Read More

26 January 2011

Eating Boring/No Fat Foods, My Advice about Sensory Specific Satiety

26 January 2011,

Sensory Specific Satiety: Why We Like Lots of Different Kinds of Junk Food Rather Than No Fat Foods So, today’’s post is going to Read More

24 January 2011

Variety Stimulates Intake! The High Fibre Food List

24 January 2011,

After repeating the ‘Eat Less, Move More’ mantra, many people are stunned to discover their magical thinking has not, in fact, led to magical Read More

19 January 2011

Shoebills and Brazillian Dancers

19 January 2011,

For the month of January, I have focused more than usual on weight loss advice. This is bound to change, because frankly, weight related Read More