14 December 2012

I Hate Chocolate

14 December 2012,

Jasmine Reduces Chocolate Cravings?   ‘I hate chocolate,’ said no one, ever. Thanks to James S. Fell for that line, and clever insight into Read More

14 December 2012

The more ice cream you eat, the more ice cream you’ll crave

14 December 2012,

It’s amazing how healthy intentions sometimes get the best of us. But how do we actually get over the hump of wanting to change Read More

14 August 2012

Can Exercise Reduce Food Cravings?

14 August 2012,

The theme of my last academic article* dealt with temptation and palatable (i.e. nice tasting) food. What lies beneath our motives for brownie craving Read More

11 July 2012

Do Dietary Supplements Work?

11 July 2012,

Why don’’t we extend ‘Substance Abuse’ to include Commercial Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss? Why don’t we extend ‘Substance Abuse’ in to include Commercial Read More

2 July 2012

The Ten Year Diet

2 July 2012,

The debate as to whether dieting ‘actually works’ is a curious one indeed. Ironically, around the time our access to massively caloric food surged Read More