31 January 2012

Is Chocolate a Drug?

31 January 2012,

The psychoactive effects of chocolate… Paradoxically, it seems that eating dark chocolate is one of the pillars of Dieting Success. Espoused by world-renowned experts Read More

20 January 2012

Will Dieting Cause Brain Damage? The Definitive Chapter

20 January 2012,

Does Dieting Change the Brain?   Gaining an understanding of what underlies the impulsive urge to overeat has been the focus of significant contemporary Read More

6 January 2012

Does Dieting Cause Brain Damage Part II

6 January 2012,

Today, I am describing what ‘addictive behaviour’ really is, and how we can understand this in the context of eating and dieting behaviour. A Read More

5 January 2012

Does Dieting Cause Brain Damage? Part I

5 January 2012,

The moment has arrived. January 5. The pious path of self preservation is starting to sound oddly comforting, now isn’t it?   I base Read More