13 December 2013

Exercise: It’s What’s Inside That Counts

13 December 2013,

Exercise elicits the release of Beta Endorphins, which are 5-10 times more powerful than morphine. Exercise can be an effective tool for dealing with Read More

1 December 2013

Separating Habit from Addiction, and Staying on a Diet

1 December 2013,

What Separates Habit from Addiction? What does this have to do with dieting? BASIC SUMMARY: Pavlovian conditioning is learning in its most basic form: Read More

21 October 2013

Cut Your Kidney In Half

21 October 2013,

An analogy for weight and fat loss, and an attempt to describe part of the difficulty in doing either.    Broadly speaking, ‘Fast Facts Read More

27 September 2013

How Stress is Related to Addiction and Obesity

27 September 2013,

Anecdotally, the stress/eating connection makes some sense. I know of a lot of study sessions that are accompanied by a doughnut or two. Or, Read More

23 September 2013

Brief Post

23 September 2013,

The way forward for obesity advocacy lies not in describing the problem, but understanding the motivational drive for overeating in the first place. Our Read More