17 August 2013

Does Gut Size Predict Intelligence?

17 August 2013,

The Expensive Tissue Theory as a Way to Describe How Clever We Are… The origins of our intelligence is arguably one of the biggest Read More

9 August 2013

Sex, Sugar, and Aggression among Primates: How Do Different Environments Impact Sexual and Eating Behaviours?

9 August 2013,

  The themes in this post:   -       Chimps and Bonobos are the closes relative to hominid and Homo sapiens; they share over 99% Read More

22 June 2013

Can Exercise Fight Addiction? Adolescent Rats Say Yes…

22 June 2013,

In the following investigation, researchers have determined that adolescent rats stand a greater chance of avoiding drug addiction if they engage in exercise, while Read More

19 March 2013

Pictures of Cupcakes

19 March 2013,

Why Pictures of Food Make (some of) Us Fat   The onslaught of food imagery is cited as another key issue contributing to obesity. Read More

10 February 2013

Made By Chloe

10 February 2013,

Today, I’m really excited to introduce La Chef extraordinaire of one of the neatest Madrid based start ups; Chloe Sepulchre or better known as  Read More