10 December 2014

Not a dirty word! How orexin belies sleeping less, and eating more…

10 December 2014,

Over the last thirty years, researchers have come to appreciate the hugely important role of a tiny group of neurons in the hypothalamus, and their Read More

19 June 2014

Is Addiction Rampant, or Are We Just Getting Weirder?

19 June 2014,

      Yesterday I read a blog post about a person with compulsive tendencies towards posting selfies (which, by the way is not Read More

3 February 2014

Mind Body Monday

3 February 2014,

How Healthy Poop Can Help Your Mood My nephews are in the phase when even the word ‘toilet’ elicits reams of laughter. Yet, healthy poop and Read More

24 January 2014

The Long(ish) Road to Lose It Right

24 January 2014,

With our launch of Lose it Right on the horizon, I thought I would share a small chapter from my life – a chapter that is Read More