Currently, I am working on my third book Fat Planet (Random House, UK). This will be published in the Spring 2015. I am also an adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary.

I obtained my PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Sussex, with the funding from Sussex’ Overseas Scholarship program (UK). The theme of my research was impulse control and overeating behavior in healthy individuals.

Spending a few years in both public and privately funded research domains has allowed me a unique perspective on health and wellness issues. I’ve been fortunate to have investigated the current food environment (Hudson Institute), how macronutrient digestion impacts learning and satiety (University of Sussex), and psychometric profiles for eating behavior (University of Liverpool). I have provided scientific advice to the Obesity Action Coalition, LA Times, London Times, Chatelaine, Endemol Television group, and have co-authored a number of books. I have also written several academic/peer reviewed articles.

My range of expertise goes from why fat “feels” so yummy, to helping you understand how to control impulsive urges to overeat.

What role does the sight of food play in craving? What makes us long for a piece of chocolate cake after we have eaten a large meal? Why do we over or under eat during periods of stress? These are all big questions. They require patience, collaboration, and dedication to obtain a true understanding. I’ll offer my opinion where I can, but often seek out other expert’s insight. This platform allows you greater clarity into some hugely intimate issues (such as eating behavior gone awry).

Thank you for your time and interest in my site; it is a huge privilege to contribute to your understanding of psychology and appetite

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