21 October 2013

Cut Your Kidney In Half

21 October 2013,

An analogy for weight and fat loss, and an attempt to describe part of the difficulty in doing either.    Broadly speaking, ‘Fast Facts Read More

22 June 2013

Can Exercise Fight Addiction? Adolescent Rats Say Yes…

22 June 2013,

In the following investigation, researchers have determined that adolescent rats stand a greater chance of avoiding drug addiction if they engage in exercise, while Read More

19 March 2013

Pictures of Cupcakes

19 March 2013,

Why Pictures of Food Make (some of) Us Fat   The onslaught of food imagery is cited as another key issue contributing to obesity. Read More

14 December 2012

I Hate Chocolate

14 December 2012,

Jasmine Reduces Chocolate Cravings?   ‘I hate chocolate,’ said no one, ever. Thanks to James S. Fell for that line, and clever insight into Read More

14 December 2012

The more ice cream you eat, the more ice cream you’ll crave

14 December 2012,

It’s amazing how healthy intentions sometimes get the best of us. But how do we actually get over the hump of wanting to change Read More

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