12 February 2015

Who Pays for Innovation? Making Sense of Weird Science and Food Politics

12 February 2015,

‘Public health scientists and a government committee working on nutritional advice receive funding from the very companies whose products are widely held to be Read More

4 January 2015

Happy New Year, may it be an Annum Mirabilis

4 January 2015,

Looking up from a year that was, we are now in the Year that Is. On New Years Day, my family and I started Read More

10 December 2014

Not a dirty word! How orexin belies sleeping less, and eating more…

10 December 2014,

Over the last thirty years, researchers have come to appreciate the hugely important role of a tiny group of neurons in the hypothalamus, and their Read More

19 June 2014

Is Addiction Rampant, or Are We Just Getting Weirder?

19 June 2014,

      Yesterday I read a blog post about a person with compulsive tendencies towards posting selfies (which, by the way is not Read More

3 February 2014

Mind Body Monday

3 February 2014,

How Healthy Poop Can Help Your Mood My nephews are in the phase when even the word ‘toilet’ elicits reams of laughter. Yet, healthy poop and Read More