10 February 2013,

Today, I’m really excited to introduce La Chef extraordinaire of one of the neatest Madrid based start ups; Chloe Sepulchre or better known as  Chloé Sucrée, who is dedicated to organic and fresh cooking and the celebration of food. Made By Chloé began as series of healthy cooking classes for kids in late 2009. Now, her work is celebrated throughout (inarguably) one of the most flamboyant food capitals of the world (¡Madrid!). So! Let’s go! Tell us how you created the Chloe Sucree concept, and how you began this incredible company…


Dr.yL: When did your first idea come to you about being entrepreneurial?


CSucrée: A few years ago, when I was doing many interviews for advertising agencies, although the interviews and feedback were positive, it was a hard moment for advertising and hiring.

…since I was little I have always enjoyed baking, and kids are one of my passions, so I thought it would be great to teach kids for a better food education. At this time, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten intolerance), so I decided to focus my Ateliers* with healthy, fresh, organic and gluten free food.


Dr. yL: When did you become dedicated to biological food and enhancing people’s appreciation of healthy cooking?


CS: Since I remember, I’ve had stomachache issues. After a few diagnoses, it turns out that I am lactose and gluten intolerant. So I start taking more attention about what I’m eating. It’s not only eating gluten free or lactose free (we know and it has been proved that gluten and dairy products are not good and adapted for our body), it’s learning to cook and eat in an other way.

For me, alimentation is my medicine. Organic food are free from pesticides, Non GMO, and more tasteful and full of vitamins and minerals. You need to eat food that is good for your body, and defending a slow-food movement, a real food movement, and what better way to start than with our kids!


Dr. yL: Any tips about how to find and follow your passion?


CS: I would say…just start and you will see the way.

We have many dreams, ideas or things we would like to do. However our fears or social barriers don’t leave us free. So just start and don’t listen too much to what people say. If THAT makes you happy, go for it!


Dr. yL: Food capital of the world: Madrid, Paris, London, Lima…?


CS: Hmmm all of them! Haha I think at a local level all places are a food capital. What makes them unique is that every city, place, village has their typical meals, traditional plates and local production, and that is real food. We have to defend the local farmers production…. so if I can go to all the cities you mentioned, haha…but now it is true that Lima is a big food capital.


Dr.yL: As with food, with life: what is the secret ingredient?

CS: Passion and perseverance! Do everything with love.


Dr. yL: Any tips about how to avoid feeling guilty about too many postres?

CS: Hahaha…I think sometimes the feeling of guilty and anxiety is worst than eating some postres.


My desserts are gluten, grain and lactose free, and I never never use white refined sugar. So try to switch bad ingredients for our body with their healthy substitutes…so for some women we don’t feel quite so guilty.


Thank you so much Chloé Sepulchre and All The Very Best for the adventures to follow… XOXO

CS: Thank you Margie, and I see you next time in Lima! Xxx

….  MyL: Olé olé…



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