Research and Technical Writing

Writing about psychology, appetite, and life sciences is my passion. I have had the opportunity to be a Scientific Advisor for three popular press books (published by Random House Canada, RH UK, and Harvard Press). In addition, I have served as a Scientific Consultant to Endemol’s UK program Secret Eaters.

Translating empirical investigations into accessible articles is an essential part of science education. So many fascinating details can get lost in a misread abstract: it’s my job to get viewers and readers excited and enthusiastic about the incredible world around us, and how our brain responds to it.

Professional Speaking

Do you wonder about what causes food cravings? Many people are curious, and confused (!), about the current food environment. I offer a few talks that discuss the neurobiology and psychology of eating motivation.


Are you having private issues with over or under eating? Given the immense changes to our built and food environments, it’s little wonder! If you need specific answers about tough questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. It would be a pleasure to offer insight or take you on as a client. We will discuss time frames, goal setting, and ways to achieve a truly healthy relationship with food

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